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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mark H. Fowler, CMC, CPA (Inactive)
Noal McDoanld, MAOM, SPHR

Flintridge Center, Suite 117
236 W. Mountain Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

An interview is really just a conversation.  It doesn’t feel like that when there is so much at stake, but with the right Tools you can create a “Revolutionary Conversation®” that can help you land just the right job.  This two-hour workshop, based on the Tools in the book, Revolutionary Conversations – The Tools You Need for the Success You Want, will give you the “how” to turn a “grilling” by an interviewer into an engaged, collaborative interaction.  In our time together you will:

¨ Learn the 8 things Employers want

¨ How to create your own “stories” to demonstrate your strengths and spot light your talents

¨ Find out how 3 simple steps can help you connect with the interviewer and learn more about the company

¨ Discover how the S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools can help you demonstrate your leadership style and value to the company

¨ Develop the skills so you’ll never be at a loss when off-the-wall questions come your way

So please join us for this practical, interactive workshop. Working together we can help you develop the strategies and skills you need to take on any interview with confidence. The added bonus – the Tools you learn will help you turn that new job into a smashing success!

Mark H. Fowler, CMC, CPA (Inactive)

Noal McDoanld, MAOM, SPHR

Mark and Noal are co-authors of Revolutionary Conversations – The Tools You Need for the Success You Want.

Mark is the Director of Corporate Development for Revolutionary Conversations LLC. He develops strategic alliances with organizations and designs and delivers leadership centered workshops for the business community.

Noal is a seasoned HR professional. Currently she is the COO for a public accounting firm. As Director of Education and Training for Revolutionary Conversations, LLC, Noal develops and delivers courses and workshops for individuals, corporations and strategic alliances, with a particular focus on Human Resources professionals, who want to enhance their professional skills, as well as bring the Tools into their organizations. 

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hrtc-pasadena-what-are-your-power-strengths-tickets-14431110841

The HRTC mission
PIHRA Pasadena is committed to helping Human Resources professionals who are in transition reach their full employment and earnings potential.  We provide information and education to HR professionals by opening up access to job search resources, skills, development and networking opportunities.



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