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training-img2Take the power of Revolutionary Conversations™ to the next level in your business through these interactive workshops.


When the Tools become part of your internal conversation, you’ll have a Language of Success that can create an innovative, engaged workplace and extraordinary opportunities.

Revolutionary Conversations™ can create the foundation for a broad range of corporate initiatives or challenges.Using the tools along with our training, Revolutionary Conversations LLC can help you achieve the success you want.



“In the first week after attending your training, I used your method in mission-critical situations. It changed my world as I worked with my clients.”
Laureen Minnich, CEO, Southern California Transcription Services, CA




Workshops Designed for Your Business


This overview workshop will give the basics of Revolutionary Conversations™ to everyone in the organization and is the platform for a Language of Success.


Designed specifically for your organization, this training will focus on how the Tools in Revolutionary Conversations™ apply to the unique challenges of leaders, teams or departments.

We currently offer three S.H.A.R.E workshops for the in-house corporate customer:

  • Phase I, “New Business Now”: An introductory class/workshop focused on the basic techniques and skills necessary for doing business more effectively using a conversational or dialogue approach.

  • Phase II, “Moments for Success”: This workshop provides S.H.A.R.E. Tools fundamentals and shows how they can be used throughout the company.

  • Phase III, “Helping Others Succeed”: In this advanced S.H.A.R.E. Tools workshop, students are selected to take on the role of team leader to support other team members and themselves in becoming more skilled users of the Tools.

 For more information on bringing Revolutionary Conversations™ to your business contact us. 

 S.H.A.R.E Training Events



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