A Language Within A Language

A Language Within A Language

Every day we communicate 100's of times and we often don't realize the importance of the language we are using--we are so used to it. The S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools and the protocols that surround and support them are a language within a language that helps create Revolutionary Conversations™. No matter where you are in a conversation with one or many or whether you're at the beginning, middle or end, these will help you cooperatively and successfully to navigate any situation. They are a support system, a language comprised of verbal skills and philosophies that help bring parties together by focusing on the interactive process, not just talking and not just listening though they, too, are very important.

So much of the time, in everyday communication, we find ourselves telling others what to do, what to say, how to do something and on and on--its part of us, knowing and telling. And, in much of our daily lives, we have to tell the grocery clerk where to put our bags in the car, or we have to tell our doctors what is wrong with us, or tell our loved ones how we feel. From barking orders to intimate conversations, we are interacting with others all the time. However, we seem to have acquired a taste, a habit, for telling others what happened, how we feel, who did this and who did that—we like to tell people things and, also, tell them what they should do. Fire, ready, aim is almost an epidemic in the conversational world.

And, as mentioned, telling is critical but, when it becomes the major mode of delivery, then conversations aren't going to happen. Conversations and dialogues are about communicating together, sharing and assuming personal responsibility for the quality of the interaction. Here is where the Tools step in.

They guide us to where we are in the conversation or lack of conversation. They help us know when it is time to tell or explain and they help us understand when we need to back up or back off. They aid us in understanding what we really need from this interaction and help us know when to ask questions that add value to the dialogue instead of creating a gap of uncertainty or mistrust. They keep us present, they keep us real, they help build our confidence so that we truly reach out to others to solve issues, explore ideas and create more intimate and creative relationships. It isn't just an exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings. It's the sharing of the experience and the creation of something new for everyone that's important.

They are clearly a Beyond Win-Win capability. One that we hope you choose to explore.

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